EarthSmart Controls partners with facility owners and managers to give them the knowledge, support and control of their facilities that they need to thrive.  Our customers not only have web-based control of their facility and its systems, but also receive our technical expertise, truthful solutions and dependable service readily available to meet their needs.  Having integrated systems, and the right partner, saves clients precious time, money and energy.

We specialize in integrating complex systems – across brands and different communication protocols. Often, existing systems can be integrated with new technologies to make drastic improvements.  This allows you to get control of your current system without the upfront cost of a complete replacement.  EarthSmart Controls provides facility management system integration and the service to support it.  We are systems people who have the expertise and ability to address the facility as a whole: installation, information, integration, improvement, training and support.

Whether you are looking to control multiple systems or just one, we are your guide through the entire process, and make sure you have the support you need to maximize use of your installed system.  Automating your facility is a big investment and a long-term commitment.  Its systems are dynamic and need to consistently evolve.  We make it easy for you to understand, improve and manage this process.  We are committed to partnering with you through the growth and lifecycle of your facility.

What We Can Offer


The main benefit of automated systems is providing comfort to the occupants of the controlled facility. Temperatures can automatically adjust during the course of the day as outside temperatures fluctuate with the ever-changing Oklahoma weather patterns. Individual offices can be controlled separately to meet the diverse needs of individual tenants of the building. People tend to work better and can be more productive when they are comfortable in their environment. Our systems help accomplish that goal.


Automated systems provide valuable information to the people managing the facility. They allow equipment to run as needed, or to slow down when there is a reduced need. Automation can also extend beyond climate control into automated lighting adjustments and alarms. This information lends to more informed decisions about how to manage facilities in order to maximize energy and save money.


An automated system can allow you to remotely manage one or even multiple scattered facilities all from one central location. This allows users to manage more buildings with less time and fewer people, making it easier and less expensive to own and operate your building.

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Energy Analysis

We can provide a complete analysis of your facility’s current energy consumption and an explanation of how our systems can help lower your energy costs.

Building Automation

We design and install automated systems to meet your specific needs, while still providing the main benefits of Comfort, Cost Savings, and Convenience.

System Monitoring

We can install system monitors that send early warning alarms to prevent damage to your system and unnecessary down time.


We integrate new technologies into your current systems to make them better.  Building Automation does not have to mean starting from scratch.  We can take your current system and add new technologies to make it better.

Training and Support

Designing and installing automated systems is only half the battle.  Knowing how to properly use them is equally important.  Our team will work with you to make sure you know how to use your system and will provide ongoing tech support for the times you need help figuring it out.

Service Contracts

These complex systems need ongoing maintenance to help prevent them from shutting down.  We service the systems we install, AND those we don’t, to help ensure they keep running smoothly.



What Others Say

Todd Stapleton

Energy Conservation/ Education Manager, MPS

After installation, EarthSmart continues to service the products and check on our satisfaction, making any changes that we feel are needed.
Mark J. Pitcher

Director, Physical Plant Services, OSU

Our HVAC Technicians have had the pleasure of working with EarthSmart Controls over the past 4 years and together they have made a huge difference on our campus. EarthSmart Controls displays the utmost integrity in all our interactions. Their service after the sale has been nothing short of excellent. I can state without reservation that I whole heartedly endorse EarthSmart Controls.