Our Building

  • Who: Earthsmart Controls
  • What: Complete Integrated Automation Control
  • Location: On Location @ The Earthsmart Building
  • Date: 25/08/2010 - 25/08/2015

The EarthSmart Controls building is a state-of-the-art facility that showcases the level of technological advancement in integrated automation. There is no other commercial facility like it in Oklahoma City, or surrounding cities. The extent of knowledge and expertise at the foundation of the company is clear throughout the building – in each mechanism, connection and control. The amount of energy efficiency gained through each point of integrated automation at the location sets a high standard for the industry.

Through a combination of innovative automated controls and conservation-minded mechanical systems, along with other enhancements to the building envelope, the EarthSmart building is a highly energy- and cost-efficient structure. While each of these features contributes to the overall utility, it is the integrated automation controls that tie them all together, essentially running the facility with little individual involvement.

Both mechanical systems involved in conditioning the building, the geothermal HVAC and radiant flooring, are automated, but also integrated to give information and feedback so settings will be adjusted accordingly. In this case, the automated system looks at the weather forecast, the thermostat, and water availability to determine temperature control, making sure it doesn’t hit dew point.

The power monitor for energy consumption is another integrated automation feature. The automated system strategy can be tailored based on time, demand and use. Once any new inputs are programmed, the regular, hands-on need for supervision and regulation is practically eliminated.

This isn’t all the controls system does. Light harvesters and sensors look at the amount of light coming through each window, then automatically adjust the building’s lighting. Motion sensors will turn the lights off and the alarm on if no movement is detected for a certain time period. Practically every aspect of the facility is part of the automated system, contributing to greater control, efficiency and savings.

Highlighting the energy efficiency and cost savings of these technologies is the monthly energy bill. On average, the utility bill for a commercial building can be estimated at $.50 per square foot. In a 10,000 square foot facility like EarthSmart’s, the monthly energy bill could easily reach $4,000-$5,000, but they are seeing an over 80% decrease in the monthly energy bill, paying only $.07 per square foot. The cost savings are clear, but the environmental benefits from reduced consumption, along with its automated efficiency, make the EarthSmart building a high-tech and ultramodern facility.

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