Moore Public Schools

  • Who: Moore Public Schools
  • What: Building Automation System
  • Where: 38 Buildings in the Moore Public Schools District
  • When: Beginning in 2012 and Continuing Today

EarthSmart Controls was chosen by the Moore Public Schools District to provide improved facility management with the installation of building automation systems in school buildings throughout the area. Prior to partnering with EarthSmart, the school district had zero ability to remotely monitor the various HVAC systems or diagnose problems that arose with them. If any given location, at any time, was too hot or too cold, the facility manager was required to drive there to assess the situation and determine why before they could begin resolving the issue.

EarthSmart has not only worked with the school district in new construction projects, but has also upgraded older buildings to have the same level of automated control. Now, these modernized school buildings can be monitored from a central location. The facility manager has immediate access to information from each of these sites, and can diagnose any problems that develop without having to be at the specific location. The time, and therefore cost, involved in resolving any issues is thus significantly reduced.

The building automation systems EarthSmart has provided Moore Public Schools also give them the ability to remotely set and adjust schedules. This control feature ensures that utilities are not running unnecessarily when the school buildings are unoccupied. As the district continues to add schools and square footage, and EarthSmart continues to provide them with increased facility management, cost savings also continue to increase.

Through their innovative technologies, EarthSmart is helping the Moore Public Schools district monitor their HVAC systems and reduce their utility usage. According to Todd Stapleton, Energy Conservation/Education Manager for the district, EarthSmart remains committed to their partnership well after the initial setup. “After installation, EarthSmart continues to service the products and check on our satisfaction, making any changes that we feel are needed.”

Moore Public Schools only needed to partner with one company to meet their ongoing facility management needs, whether it’s work on new construction projects, updating older facilities, or long-term service and technological support. EarthSmart expertly and efficiently meets all of their needs.

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